For fuel, oil, air or the cabin our cars are full of filters. We explain their usefulness.

Air filter

Contrary to what one might believe, the air filter is not intended to breathe better the occupants but the engine. By preventing insects, dead leaves, pebbles or dust from interfering with combustion in the engine cylinders, the air filter optimizes energy performance. Its absence can lead to engine failure or even breakage.

Where is the air filter? It is the first air intake element in the engine. It is often accessible once the hood is raised. According to the manufacturers and equipment manufacturers, the air filter can be flat and rectangular, take the form of a cone or a roller.

Can I change it alone and how much does it cost? Usually costing around 10 euros, the air filter is not a very expensive item, nor complicated to change oneself. The manual of your car will tell you the procedure to follow as well as a video tutorial. A car professional will change it for you with no worries during a review or during routine maintenance. It is usually recommended to change the air filter every two years, or more regularly if you drive particularly in the city.

Pollen filter

By retaining dust, allergens and external pollutants of all kinds, the cabin filter, which is also called pollen filter, should allow you to breathe healthy air in the cabin and you avoid headaches. There are several types of cabin filter. Normal filters that attack pollen, those with activated carbon that block pollutants and unpleasant odors and those with polyphenol to remove allergens to the air breathed in the car.

Where is the cabin filter? This is the only filter in the passenger compartment. In many models, it fits in or under the glove box. However, it also happens that the pollen filter is housed under the windshield. He must then change himself from outside the vehicle. It depends more on models than brands.

Can I change my cabin filter alone and how much does it cost? If a cabin filter does not cost much (a few euros, a dozen at most), its replacement can be more complicated than it seems. You could rip with your screwdriver and make unsightly scratches around the glove box. To meditate. If you feel that air conditioning or heating is less efficient, it's time to change the pollen filter. If you drive mainly in the city, the life of this filter is less than one year.

Oil filter

By retaining impurities such as combustion residues or dust, the best oil filter allows better lubrication of all parts of your engine and therefore a better performance. It especially avoids the breakdown or breakage of the engine during overheating.

Where is the oil filter? Very generally under the engine compartment. This is a room not very accessible without lift or pit.

Can I change it alone? How much does it cost ? An oil filter costs about ten euros on the most common models. However, the operation is carried out during a drain, once a year. It is better to have a professional for this operation if you do not have the habit or the technical means to do it yourself in your garage.

Fuel Filter

Its role is to retain the impurities present in the fuel but also the water that may be present in the diesel. With a purified fuel, the engine gains in efficiency. Attention, it happens in cold weather that a thin layer of paraffin is formed in a tank filled with diesel summer. The filter will do its job and prevent it from accessing it avoiding considerable damage. Nevertheless it will change.

Where is the fuel filter? It is very often under the tank of your vehicle. Changing it requires tools and lifting the car.

Can I change only my fuel filter and for how much?Hard to start ? Black smoke emerges from the exhaust? This can come from a dirty fuel filter. Manufacturers and equipment manufacturers recommend a change every 40,000 kilometers (or every two oil changes). Located under the tank of your car, the fuel filter to replace requires equipment to lift and at least put the car on candles. Also provide a fuel tank that will escape after removing the filter. In itself, this maneuver is not very complicated but requires technical means and can not be improvised. Depending on the model and the carburations, the price varies from ten to more than 40 euros. It is better to have the services of a professional mechanic for this operation.

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