Welcome Back Charlotte, Jonathan and Louise.

In 1989 my three children were abducted, subsequently taken to Spain and illegally retained there. They are now back in England, brainwashed and indoctrinated, to the point that they are allegedly afraid  of me!

I do know however, that they still visit this website. (Hi kids!)

These pages contain excerpts from various court documents. Evidence which shows the true circumstances surrounding my children's abduction. I can only hope that my they are smart enough to eventually work out the truth and become strong  enough to stand up to their devious, manipulative, lying grandparents.

Their weak-willed father was unable to stand up to them... he sold them my children!


Long Story Short... 


The story of my missing children started in 1989 when my then husband stole them with the help of his wealthy father and stepmother. After months of legal wrangling I gained interim custody of them. They were never going to be mine due to the amount of money thrown into the situation by their grandfather and the lack of support from my own family.
I lost custody again, due to the constant harassment and interference of my husband's family.
They got leave from the English courts to take the children to Spain with an undertaking to return them three times a year for purposes of access. They came back once! I have never met my children since that time.

They kept moving address in order to avoid the attentions of the Spanish Authorities.
I spent a number of years living on the street.
Eventually I met and married my present husband. We have started another family together (that's quite a story in itself), and my husband initiated legal proceedings in an attempt to gain me access rights for my other three children under the conditions of the Hague convention governing abduction of children.
Surprise, surprise, obstacles appeared in the legal process. Money / influence was apparently being used again! (A more likely explanation is that the process had to be delayed in order to arrange for all three of my children to be present for Court hearings.)

It is now apparent that my children were not even resident in Spain at that time... they were right here in England! The Knowles' have now also lied to the Spanish courts.
It has come to light that my children had been living in England for some time.

I found a church which my children occasionally attended. The grandparents persuaded the Vicar to throw me out of the church in front of a full congregation, by lying to him.

I now know a fair amount about Charlotte, Jonathan and Louise from various sources.

I would always be happy to learn anything more (in complete confidence).

Just mail me:..   jan[AT]dorinda.karoo.co.uk