Terry, Una and Jon,

This page is just for you.
I thought I'd better give you a page ... I wouldn't want to feel that the ones who stole my children and traded them for cold hard cash, were forgotten.

I sometimes think to myself, any woman could have been in this situation. I was just the unlucky one to meet Jon.


Una The Matriarch...
You know as well as I do, the true reasons you planned the purchase, sale and theft of my children, with your spineless husband and stepson.

1. You were desperate for your own children. (To dress up all pretty and show off.)
2. You were incapable of having your own children. (God's judgement... Good call!)
3. You were refused adoption. (And I know why... Jon told me. You are a SICK person!)
4. You were jealous of my intelligent, beautiful children. (You're an ignorant, ugly looking pig.)
5. My children were easy targets. (Due to your dominated stepson and his greed for money.)
6. You're a devious, twisted, lying, manipulative witch. (Your stepson's words, not mine.)

Terry The Stooge..
In many ways, you are worse than your sick, twisted wife.

1. You know what she did to your own son. (He told me.)
2. You let her use your wealth and influence to help steal my children!
3. You used a solicitor to con me into thinking I was buying a home.
4. You lied to both English and Spanish Courts, despite being a magistrate yourself.
5. You defied a Court Order, despite your own standing in the legal system.
6. You have had the brazenness to sit in judgement on others, whilst you are no better than a criminal yourself.

The saddest part of this whole saga, is that you have destroyed my three children. You may have bought them "things", but you have completely denied them the relationship and love of a REAL mother. You have screwed with their heads!

For years you have lied to them and threatened them with God knows what. They are the big losers in all this... and YOU are the cause! You are no better than animals.

Bottom line is that you will both BURN IN HELL, despite trying to cleanse yourself by trying to ingratiate yourselves with the Church.


Jon The Loser...
What can I say. You pathetic little man! Only you and I know what really happened in the first five years of our marriage. Your parents know nothing... they weren't around. (They cut you off without a penny remember?)

When you finally realised that you couldn't do without your Father's money, you went crawling back. You obviously told them that you couldn't face the responsibilities of real life and wanted to be taken back into "the family".
They would take you back, but there was a price, wasn't there? My children. So you all schemed, lied as you bought and sold my children!

I shouldn't really blame you, I know you were made what you are, by your sick, twisted step-mother.

She doesn't still hit you with coat hangers and lock you in cupboards, does she?

She even denied you all knowledge of your own real mother.

You probably still don't know to this day, where your REAL mother is actually buried.

Is that the real truth behind my children's reluctance to see me? Are they being controlled in the same way that you were?

If I ever find out that the "Black Witch" has treated my children the same way she treated you, she will regret it!


And one day Jon, our paths will cross!