My Dear Louise (ping pong),

I'm delighted to see you are to be married. Best of luck for the future, and give my best wishes to Richard, a very lucky young man.

As with Charlotte and Jonathan, please read the following and think about it.

And remember this report was written by an independent professional... Not me.



Excerpts from a Spanish Psychologist's report 2 yrs after my children went to Spain...
(Speaks for itself!)

Given the authority that the grandparents hold within the family group, as far as this service is concerned, it was considered more appropriate, for the time being, not to carry out an interview with them. We felt that to ask them for their attitudes towards their son's family situation, would be to reinforce the influence which they already exercise. (And probably still do!)

Although three interviews were held with the children seperately, I believe it is more convenient to give one report, owing to the lack of information extracted from the children, and to the similarity of their views. (Very odd, don't you think?)

It surprised me that Louise, the youngest, should remember the facts so clearly, leading me to suspect that either the grandparents and the father, or her brother and sister might have influenced her view of her mother in a negative way.

In general the three seemed reserved, weighing up my questions before replying, and hanging on to my reaction to their replies. I believe that they came to the interview "prepared".

(I think you can probably have a good guess at the rest of this report!)


Anway Louise, you are welcome to see the rest of this rubbish if you really want to. Just get in touch... You know how.