Hi Jonathan (Knocker),

Nice to see you again. You were the one of my children who I knew the least about. The only thing I will say is, if you are anything like the child you were when you were stolen from me, then you have probably given your Grandparents a few things to worry about.

As I said on Charlotte's page, take a look at the following and think for yourself. Don't rely on your "manufactured memories".

Please follow your heart and get in touch.

I know that you are the least likely to be afraid of your Grandparents.

Love you,


Excerpts from Court Welfare officer report during my interim custody of my children:


I noted from the beginning that both the home and garden are maintained at a very high standard of cleanliness and order, and that these standards extended to the children who were invariably in clean and well ironed clothes, and that there was always a supply of clean clothes available in reserve. I noted also from the beginning that both girls obviously enjoyed a close and trusting relationship with their mother.

The cleanliness, standard of care of the children and general level of organisation has invariably been of the highest order.
On one occasion, while I was absent on leave, Mrs G. XXXXX, Senior Probation Officer, visited the home, interviewed the children both separately and with their mother and likewise was impressed with the overall level of thoughtful care of the children shown by the Respondent.

I have discussed the situation at length with Mrs E. XXXXX, Health Visitor. She considers the Respondent to be a very capable young woman. Overall she thinks it is a happy little family in which the two girls are well settled in their present situation and that it would he devastating for them if they were moved again. Jonathan is a problem, and she considers that he will be one wherever he lives because of his constant attention seeking. (I hope you've outgrown this.)

The home is beautifully kept, the children like school, and the Respondent is always keen to seek and act on advice. Her main thought is always for the children. While appreciating the problems caused by Jonathan, Mrs XXXXX considers that it would be better for him to remain with the mother.

Mrs XXXXX has no concern and considers it would be devastating to move the girls (and also thinks that it would be better for Jonathan to remain with the mother).


Excerpts from Court welfare officer's report after the only access visit made to England:

The mother visited the three children in March at their then home near Ripon, shortly before they departed for Menorca. This was a rather unreal occasion and certainly a very difficult one for the mother - no doubt made more difficult by the fact that all three children had been dressed in T Shirts with the word MeƱorca emblazoned upon them. (Yes, the Knowle's did this type of thing a lot!)

At the end of July all three children were brought back to the United Kingdom by the paternal grandparents in accordance with the Courts instruction.

Access between children and mother took place on 26th July and 2nd August.

The first session was supervised by two of my colleagues, Mr. XXXXX and Mrs. XXXXX. Both are officers with considerable experience. They reported that all three children were delighted when they saw their mother approaching. They were pleased to be with her during the visit and it was clear that there was a bond of affection between them and her. When the time came for the children to go, both girls wanted their mother to come downstairs with them and indeed each took one of her arms. In fact, their mother remained upstairs but when the children got to the car park below they spontaneously blew kisses at their mother.

The second access visit took place under the supervision of Mrs. XXXXX and myself. All three children were again happy to see their mother. In particular I noticed that Jonathan was actually quite considerate towards her. This was in marked contrast to his attitude in late 1989/early 1990 when he had gone out of his way to be unpleasant to her. Towards the end of the visit all six of us walked into the town to buy an Ice Cream. The children indicated that they wanted to spend longer with their mother, and again on departure showed spontaneous signs of affection towards her.

The two recent access visits have demonstrated that there is a bond of affection between the children and their mother. The children enjoyed seeing the respondent and I continue to maintain that it is in their interest to have some form of contact with their mother.

I know that the Knowles family have reservations about this process.
(They in fact ignored the court order and never complied with it again.)

In my opinion, the mother is not going to give up her efforts to see the children.

(I never did give up!)