Hello Charlotte, nice of you to visit again.

One thing puzzles me a little... Why do you keep coming back here? You are apparently insistent that you want nothing to do with me.

Reading words from a website can only skim the surface.You would gain so much more by talking to me, you could ask me questions.I have my own thoughts about what may be preventing from you speaking to me. I want you to know that you can contact me at any time without ANYONE else needing to know. Any dialogue between us, will stay between us. You need not be afraid of any other members of your family finding out.

I know for a fact that your dad was terrified of his stepmother. He told me so numerous times... "The Black Witch", he used to call her. You need have no fear of any repercussions from her, or anyone else if you wish to contact me. Unlike certain other people, I can keep my mouth shut.

Please read the information below and think hard about whether it matches up to what you "remember".




These are not my allegations... They are statements by other people who knew all of us!


Excerpts from a Court statement by a neighbour in Thirsk.


I have known both the Petitioner (Your Dad) and the Respondent (Me) since they moved to Thirsk in approximately May 1988. I have spent a lot of time particularly with the Respondent since the parties moved in. We each have three similar children of similar ages who play together and, generally, we are in and out of each others houses.

I can state from my own knowledge and personal observations that the Respondent keeps a clean and tidy house and looks after the children most carefully and lovingly and that the children are always well fed and cleanly dressed.


This contrasts sharply with the attitude and behaviour of the Petitioner towards the children. This attitude shows itself in shouting at the children and beating them with a slipper on frequent occasions. Having seen the reaction of the children to the Petitioner I confirm that they give every appearance of being frightened of him. The Petitioner teases the children in particular by imitating their crying when they are distressed.


From my own observations of the Respondent since May 1988 and, as I mention above, seeing a great deal of her since they moved in, I can say that I have only seen her as a normal loving Mother who behaves perfectly normally towards her children despite the considerable handicap of the Petitioners violent, uncaring and inconsiderate attitude towards the children and indeed towards the Respondent.



Excerpts from a statement by another neighbour after an access visit by my children:


I have been trained at the Frobel Institute (in other words, this person is a highly respected professional) in connection with the education of young children and have often been involved in interviewing young women in connection with their employment as Nannies looking after small children.


I know from my own observations that the Respondent was a good and caring Mother and I was deeply concerned from my observations of the petitioner (Father) that he was not a person who was fit to look after small children.

Because of my worries, I was present at home, when the young woman who, I now know, is XXXXX (nanny) delivered the three children to that address after the Court Order had been made. (I asked this neighbour to be present because I suspected that allegations would be made by the Knowles' about the visit... they were.)

When the children arrived at the house they were obviously delighted to be reunited with their Mother and, to my surprise, immediately sought to exclude (the nanny) from their company. The children ran straight up to their Mother in a state of great excitement and as I say great joy at seeing her again and immediately and unprompted began to say to their Mother some quite shocking things about the way they have been treated by their Grandmother and by the nanny.


They in particular complained that they were constantly smacked and that the child Jonathan was constantly sent to bed. (Strange... in the Knowles' statements, they claimed to have no problems with Jonathan at all!)

I have to say from my observations of both parties and the children that I consider the Respondent to be a good and caring and competent Mother, but that I have doubts and reservations about the ability  of the Petitioner to look after the children. I was also very worried seeing the childrens obvious dislike of (the nanny) and to hear the children going on all the time about not wanting to go back to their Father, to the extent that I contacted the Respondent’s Solicitor immediately after the weekend  and expressed my worries for the childrens well being to him.


I can put you in touch with these old neighbours if you would like to speak to them, or show you the original documents.